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Randeep Grewal is the CEO of Greka Drilling and Green Dragon Gas. He brings his energy, excitement and desire to bring value to shareholders to this position. The vision that Randeep Grewal brings of Greka becoming the leader in unconventional gas is what keeps him going every day. His focus and drive are what keeps Greka constantly improving. Mr. Grewal cares not just about Greka, but also about the shareholders getting value for their money. Increasing profits is what motivates Mr. Grewal. He wants investors to know that he has their best interests in mind every single day. Shareholders can rest easy, knowing that their investments are safe. The company continues its upward trend, keeping not just executives, but shareholders happy as well.

Randeep Grewal has been part of Greka since the 1990’s. He has continued through his strong leadership skills to keep this company moving in a positive direction since he took over as Chairman and CEO.  He has an impressive resume  as and entrepreneur for Horizontal Ventures, which became a Greka subsidiary in 1997. He has always been on the cutting edge of technology, having obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northrop University. This love of  engineering is what has served him so well over the years. Randeep Grewal knows what his workers are doing in the field because it is work he once did himself.

It is this love of machines and how things can be more efficient that Randeep Grewal is passionate about. He looks at something and wants to find a way to make it work better. He looks at a drill and does not see an ordinary tool. He sees an opportunity. He sees a way to make something work when no one else does. Randeep Grewal has been adding more staff to the research and development teams, making sure that Greka continues to lead the way in drilling services for unconventional gas. This continued growth and expansion is a direct result of Mr. Grewal’s vision and leadership.  Our executive team is dedicated not just to the company, but to each other.  This kind of team effort even on an executive level is due to Randeep Grewal and his outstanding character. We understand that our company will remain strong as long as we have excellent leadership.

One of the many reasons employees love working here is because of our leadership. Our leaders do not hesitate to go into the field to see how things are going firsthand.  This caring about employee work conditions is what led to the creation of safety initiatives and our company’s ISO 9001 certification.  Our employees are our top asset. Randeep Grewal understands this and with this in mind, creates new programs geared to keeping employees safe while in the field. Without our staff, our company would not be where it is today. Randeep Grewal makes sure that each and every Greka employee knows how much their hard work is appreciated, no matter what their job title is.

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